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K.I.T ™

K.I.T training offers simple and effective tools aimed at complementing or refreshing the knowledge and skills of professionals, volunteers or mentors. In fact this is for anybody wishing to gain insight and wanting to improve their work with individuals involved within Drugs and Alcohol, Back to Work, Criminal Justice and Social Housing sectors. The key objectives of delivering this training are to both raise insight and awareness and promote effective interactions that encourage independent action towards abstinence, desistance, rehabilitation and employment.

K.I.T for purpose? KIT can be delivered in many different settings, with specific courses available in:

  1. Community K.I.T
  2. Recovery K.I.T
  3. Employment K.I.T
  4. Communication and Team Building K.I.T

The value of this training comes from pooling knowledge, skills, experience and learning from across sectors to inform practice that empowers people to make meaningful changes that benefit themselves and the wider community.

We recognise the importance of continually re-enforcing and building on the skills and knowledge of frontline staff to deliver services well, whilst also understanding the importance of having clear aims and objectives that achieve outcomes.

Performance and monitoring has become an important part of recovery, ETE and rehabilitation along with quality and partnership working. Through the day these subjects will be covered in detail along with strategies and techniques that are both practical and simple to understand.


Phone us on 0800 069 9198 if you are interested in how this training could improve your teams productivity and enhance partnership working in your locality.

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SP: “I found the training very informative, enjoyable and most of all real! I have come away with a lot of new knowledge.”




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