Empowering Young People in Wales

Think Pieces

By Stephen Farrelly and Basma Aboudihaj · June 30, 2024

Intuitive Thinking Skills have been commissioned to work with students at risk of exclusion across Gwynedd and Anglesey by ALN Inclusion.

We have been delivering our Structured Mentoring Sessions and accredited Critical Thinking Skills programme, teaching the importance of critical thinking as a tool for problem-solving, decision-making, and self-reflection.

We teach learners to use critical thinking to think objectively about the beliefs they hold about themselves, alongside gaining an understanding of how they impact what they can achieve.

On the programme, learners develop an awareness of how their belief systems affect their behaviour and how to constructively challenge any negative beliefs that may be holding them back.

Learners will also have the opportunity to explore their values, attitudes and motivations, as well as develop strategies for making positive changes in their lives. They will learn the importance of setting goals and how to stay motivated while working towards them. Once the learners have completed the course, they receive an NOCN Level 1 Award in Developing Critical Thinking Skills to Enhance Personal Decision Making.

Sessions include:

  • Bias and thinking skills
  • What is ambivalence?
  • A structural approach to the brain
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Shifting our beliefs
  • Language, thoughts and beliefs
  • The cognitive triangle
  • Who is in control?
  • My personal values
  • Action planning

There are currently 9 live classroom/mentoring sessions with a total of 22 students. We’ve delivered classroom/mentoring sessions to 16 students across Ysgol Glan Y Mor in Gwynedd and Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones in Anglesey, 15 students out of the 16 gained an NOCN accreditation.

  Learner Feedback

“Normally I would respond violently to teachers and my parents but now I think before I act and don’t act out by hitting. I think I am now more open minded and aware of consequences. I feel like I have been understood and I have really enjoyed the course”

– LC

“I now think more about my mindset and if I face a bad situation I will think before I act. I will be more open minded so I don’t suffer from arguments and violence”

– CH

“I have learnt to be calmer in lessons, not to get distracted by using critical thinking and be better behaved”

– HP

“I have learnt about critical thinking and how to use it. The course was brilliant”

– LS

“This course was very good and has helped me critically think about my behaviour”

– BI