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By Basma Aboudihaj · April 4, 2023

Angus Knight Group expands its Health and Wellbeing offering with the acquisition of Intuitive Thinking Skills

Angus Knight is pleased to announce they have entered into a binding agreement to acquire attitudinal and behavioural change business, Intuitive Thinking Skills.

Angus Knight is excited for the opportunity to support this organisation, enabling them to reach the lives of more people in need of its vital services.

This acquisition complements the Angus Knight Health and Wellbeing services growth strategy. Globally the increasing demand for mental health support services is well documented and this expansion of service delivery allows Angus Knight to respond to this demand.

Intuitive Thinking Skills

Intuitive Thinking Skills are award winning peer-led experts in attitudinal change, operating across England and Wales supporting thousands of people a year.

For 18 years the business has provided peer mentoring, accredited addiction, resilience, anger management programmes along with highly successful employment support services. The services are designed and delivered by people with rich personal and lived experiences having overcome their own addiction, mental health problems and employment inactivity. These courses centre on acquiring and practicing new skills to change your mind set, empower and build personal resilience, promoting personal responsibility, independence, wellbeing and embedding these changes into daily life. Their services reach the lives of people across criminal justice, public health, young people and education, employment, domestic abuse and homelessness.

This cutting-edge education empowers people to take independent action through self-determination on issues that affect everyone. Intuitive Thinking Skills have become a model of excellence in peer-led education that lends itself to partnerships committed to progressive and joined up working. Intuitive Thinking Skills see people’s lived experience as an asset, a place where people draw experience, knowledge, strength and skills and once properly redirected become highly resourceful problem-solving tools.

The combined business

Intuitive Thinking Skills will continue to operate as a standalone business with strong support from the Angus Knight Group. Founders Peter Bentley and Zack Haider will continue to lead the organisation.

Angus Knight Group has had a strong working relationship with Intuitive Thinking Skills prior to acquisition and are excited by the opportunities to expand service offering across the United Kingdom as well other regions.

“I am pleased to welcome Intuitive Thinking Skills to the Angus Knight Group. We are impressed with the impact the organisation delivers to individuals' lives.
This acquisition is an important step in the groups service expansion plans and supports Angus Knight’s mission in empowering the people and communities we work with through quality coaching, employment, and education opportunities.
We remain focused on exploring acquisition and partnership opportunities that align to our growth strategy and add value to the communities we serve.”

Angus Knight Group CEO, Nic Fairbank

“The culture and values at Intuitive Thinking Skills are a great fit with that of the Angus Knight Group. We share a vision to create lasting social and economic change by supporting people with the health, skills and employment they need in their local communities. Our organisations will do great things together and create services that add value to society through the empowerment of individuals. The opportunity to help more people is what drives us both.”

Angus Knight Group UK and Europe CEO, Ayden Sims

“This acquisition is testament to the success of the business that my team and I have built over the last 18 years, and we are pleased to join a private founder-led group with whom we have shared values, culture and purpose. I am exceptionally proud of the business we have built and the people and communities we have helped.
We are delighted to be able to continue delivering services to the very highest level. The support our participants receive will not be affected in any way by this change of control. In addition, the acquisition brings in new expertise to help us better understand and serve our participants needs.
Moving forward Intuitive Thinking Skills will continue to operate as a standalone entity within the Angus Knight Group. All team members will continue to be employed with no changes to our organisational structure, management team, or how we deliver our services. Additionally, both Zack and I have committed to remain and lead Intuitive Thinking Skills and our roles therefore remain unchanged.”

Intuitive Thinking Skills Managing Director Peter Bentley

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