Restart success!

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · May 31, 2023




GM was referred to us by his Restart advisor who stated that GM hadn’t worked in years and would benefit from support to help rebuild his confidence. At the Employability interview with GM, we discussed the programme, completing an assessment and identifying what GM’s challenges are in relation towards gaining employment. GM explained he had not worked in years, having been a “stay at home parent” and that he had several health issues that were currently preventing him from gaining progress with his job searching.

GM was initially quiet and withdrawn at the start of the programme and expressed some resistance towards contributing to the class discussions. Although there was this apparent reluctance to initially engage, GM did demonstrate an understanding of the content which was evident in the high quality of his written work. GM continued to express an unmotivated approach and we challenged this with him in regards to how judgements are made by potential employers and the importance of awareness of the use of body language. GM was very receptive to the feedback and there was another defining moment when we focused on GM’s role as a parent in displaying his range of transferrable skills. There was a clear increase of enthusiasm and focus from GM as we continued to utilise his role of a parent and the importance of leading by example and how gaining employment is a significant factor in supporting his children’s development. We also challenged GM’s thoughts about his physical health issues by introducing critical thinking skills and how to examine beliefs from an objective point of view. GM began to identify an interest towards gaining employment within the warehousing sector and also expressed an interest in a role with the security industry. As the course progressed, GM divulged more of his personality and transferable skills with an evident change in attitude towards the course and content. GM successfully completed the Skills-Tu Employment course and gained the Level 1 Award in Preparing for Learning, Employment and Career Progression.

Since finishing the programme, GM has been enrolled onto a SIA course and is optimistic about this as it was something he had looked into in the past and had dismissed the idea of progressing. The change in attitude enhanced with the support from his Restart advisor has inspired GM to look differently at potential roles that would fit around his current health issues. GM stated that the course has made him think more about everything in his life including his responsibilities towards his children.

"The course was interesting and there was plenty to learn. It could really help people like me move forward. The course was held in a friendly environment and it has given me some of my confidence back"

GM, Restart participant.