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By Basma Aboudihaj · July 25, 2023

I started my journey within employment services at Remploy as an Employment advisor but unfortunately, I was made redundant in 2018. I then went on to secure a new role with Fedcap Employment however this too led to redundancy in 2023. My knowledge and passion to support others for a better quality of life kept me wanting to stay in the industry of welfare-to-work and I was not going to quit on finding that opportunity.   

My passion for wanting to help others has come through my own personal experience of supporting my little brother through substance misuse. This experience made me determined not to quit working in the welfare-to-work industry, so I continued to search for new jobs which led to my discovery of various positions for employment on the Indeed website. I was looking for a job opportunity that could make a difference in someone else’s life and give them the real help they needed to get back into employment.   

In the process of searching for a new job, I came across a role for an IPS Employment Specialist at Intuitive Thinking Skills where I found the story of Peter Bentley the Managing Director of the company. The story touched my heart, and I felt inspired to urgently apply, feeling that I could not pass up on this opportunity.   

Peter’s story inspired me to want to come and work for Intuitive Thinking Skills, hearing about his personal lived experience and how he is now a Managing Director had a huge impact on me. I wanted to help others and use Peter’s story, encouraging them that there is always light at the end of the tunnel when you are given the correct support. Not long after applying, I heard back and was invited for an interview. 

The interview was successful, and I was given the role of IPS Employment Specialist, and I have been here since March 2023. In my role, I can use my experience to give my clients the courage, time, advice, and guidance to move into employment. I am alongside my clients from the very beginning and to see them at the end getting back into employment is a very rewarding feeling.