Supporting Young People with TRAC 11-24

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · May 22, 2022

In light of Child Safety Week, we are highlighting the work we do with TRAC 11-24 supporting Young People across Wales.

TRAC 11-24 is a project that supports young people aged 11-24 who are disengaging from education and at risk of becoming NEET (not in education, employment, or training).

For the past 4 years, we have been delivering courses for young people across Wales in partnership with TRAC.

We have provided a number of different accredited and non-accredited courses and programmes covering a range of topics including; gangs, county lines, knife crime, criminal and sexual exploitation, as well as critical thinking skills, attitude and behaviour change, confidence, self-esteem, and healthy relationships to name a few.

All of our courses and programmes are underpinned by teaching cognitive skills to empower young people with knowledge and tools to assist with the safe transition to adulthood by building and supplementing Learners’ existing skills.

Since our content is innovative and thought-provoking, we are proud to achieve 100% pass rate on our TRAC courses.

Our experience of delivering with TRAC has been very productive and received really positive feedback from TRAC Co-ordinators, School staff, Parents and most importantly TRAC Learners.

Click here to read more about our success with TRAC 11-24 across Flintshire.

"TRAC has been providing support to pupils across North Wales since 2016, working with some of the most vulnerable and disengaged young people. Intuitive Thinking Skills has been an invaluable part of that work in several schools in Flintshire through the Critical Thinking Skills and Decision Making course. One participant said they learned ‘lots about actions, reactions, emotions and respect’ and that they would ‘stop and think before they do things"

Derek Taylor, TRAC Co-ordinator Flintshire

“It is amazing and I recommend this to anyone else who would like to try and improve on themselves. I have learned how to almost fully control my anger, I have learned about the brain. I have enjoyed learning that I can be more confident in myself.”

Male learner from a TRAC programme delivered in Flintshire.

Their Wellbeing score* went from 43.1 (moderate) to 80.8 (high) over the course of the sessions.

"It has helped me a lot because it has given me ideas about how to cope with different things. The midbrain; don't always listen to it. Try new things. If I want to get somewhere in the future, I need to do things I don't want to do as I may get something good out of them"

Female learner from a TRAC programme delivered in Flintshire.

Their Wellbeing score* went from 28.5 (low) to 101.2 (high) over the course of the sessions.

*Wellbeing scores are measured using the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.