Surviving and Thriving

This is an article about our very own Team Manager, Casey Lynn, and one of our Ambassadors, Lesley, that will be featured in the June release of Redcar and Cleveland Council Residents Magazine. The THRIVE partnership supported Lesley in leaving a refuge, getting accommodation and employment. Lesley used all three elements of support available with this partnership; domestic abuse, substance misuse and Intuitive Thinking Skills programmes.

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · May 31, 2023

A mother who experienced domestic abuse and used substances has told how an innovative scheme helped her start a new life. Lesley, 39, was living in a refuge for survivors of domestic abuse when she found the courage to seek help.

She told her story by the side of Casey – from Intuitive Thinking Skills, who Lesley credits with helping turn her life around.

The pair are spreading the word about the THRIVE partnership which consists of the Council and three key organisations working together to support anyone whose life is affected by domestic abuse and/or substance use. The three charities are Harbour, which offers a range of services for those affected by domestic abuse, We Are With You, which supports people who want to make changes to their drug and/or alcohol use, and Intuitive Thinking Skills which supports people through education to help them move on. “Of course, I’ve been helped by all three of them,” smiles Lesley, a mother of two grown up children. “The refuge made me feel safe and the toughest thing I did was find the courage to get help for addiction for cannabis which was very serious for me, I couldn’t do anything at all without it, or so I thought. They referred me to Intuitive Thinking Skills where I met Casey. It’s not therapy there, it’s not about your past mistakes. It’s about self-help, changing thinking patterns making the right choices in future. The fact that we had Casey helped so much. She’s bubbly and confident but she’s been there too and that really helps. “I had nothing – but now I have my own home, a job, a new, happy relationship and my own coping mechanism – my two doggies! I want to tell my story, not just because I’m proud of myself, and I am, but because I want someone else in a bad position to read it and know they can do it too.”

Casey explained that she has lived experience of addiction from being a teenager. “This really works for lots of people, including me” she said. “We’re proud to work with THRIVE and other partners so anyone who needs help need only tell the story once and any of us can step in to provide that support.”

If you need help contact THRIVE on 0300 3033781 or email