The Master Of “IT”

One of our learners in Oswestry was so inspired by our Intuitive Recovery course he wrote a fantastic poem. It is a great read and beautifully captures what the course has meant for him.

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · November 25, 2022


I’m not an artist, a poet or writer
Not the smartest, all-knowing, or most brighter
I do protest, and know that I’m right though
When “IT” my opponent, opposes what I know

I chose to use and stay in the cycle
Going with using, was like using a rifle
On those who loved me and those who tried to
Open my mind, to the view that Their mind knew.

It wasn’t just them, that I was unkind to
I was destroying my health and this I knew
I was poisoning myself and my mind too
I was toying with death, I would die soon.

My ploy was to rest with denial
By avoiding the testings and trials
Of the unenjoyable, detesting and viles,
Of my ugly, De-voided, unresting survival.

My powerless Addictive Desires
I now know, are from a vindictive liar
“IT” is a coward inflicting a fire
But with My power I can extinguish and retire

To a life where I am empowered
I’ll use a knife and I’ll stab “IT” the coward
When “IT” tries to slap, cry and be louder
Or if “IT” lies, blags and tries to disempower

My Choice, My Power now comes from Me
My Voice and Louder, I can be!

I am the master of my own body,

I am in Control.
My Addictive Desires can get lost out of my head and find another place to call home.