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Ilya Kennard - Course Coordinator

Ilya sat the course in Haringey in 2010 after having spent many years using substances, going through the system, attending many different recovery methods, in and out of rehab and detox and in her own words, ‘I could stop using any time I liked, it was staying stopped that I had the issue with. I had been told that I had the disease of addiction over and over though this didn’t sit right with me, was told I was intellectualising everything and until I accepted that I was sick that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t understand why I was repeatedly taking drugs that were literally killing me; my using tore my family apart. When my then key worker referred me on to the Intuitive Recovery course I begrudgingly went along.Intuitive Recovery has been a life saver and am grateful for having been given the opportunity to work with the organisation, having delivered all of the Intuitive Thinking Skills courses across England.’

Kerry Cooper - Course Coordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course after being in addiction and unemployed for 18 years and feeling like my life was spiralling out of control. Using the skills I learnt and realising that I had a choice to stop, I put an end to my addiction of alcohol and cocaine for good. The Intuitive Recovery course changed my whole attitude and outlook on life and having taken back control of my life and being employed as a course co-ordinator for Intuitive Thinking Skills I am looking forward to a positive future and to teaching other people that they too can take control of their lives.




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