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Matthew Wilson - Regional Manager

Matt first joined Intuitive Thinking Skills back in 2011 after sitting the Intuitive Recovery course. Matt’s first role with the company was a Course Co-Ordinators position and he delivered classes across Merseyside. Over the last couple of years Intuitive has seen steady growthwith new products and ideas such as Skills-Tu Employment being developed. Matt now oversees our work in Wales, ensuring courses delivered through drug services, work programme partners and the criminal justice system are properly delivered and coordinated.

George Thornton - Course Coordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course in December 2011 for a ten year cocaine addiction. After completing the course I applied to become an Intuitive Recovery course co-ordinator and joined the company in August 2012. After completing my training to deliver the course I began working in HMP Altcourse and HMP Liverpool. I consider my role to be highly varied, working in a number of settings which include prisons, drug services, and probation as well as bail hostels. I find great pleasure in my role and the challenges it brings.

Phil Clarke - Course Coordinator

Phil started working with Intuitive Recovery in 2012 after spending 12 years of his life in and out of drug services. His illicit drug use lead to involvement with the criminal justice system and repeated spells in custody which all ended when he made the decision to stop using. Phil is now the lead course co-ordinator for North Wales and is responsible for the scheduling and delivery of all Intuitive Recovery courses across the 6 counties. As a valued member of the his local community, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to others.

Christopher Morris - Course Coordinator

I sat the course in August 2015 for a 19 year addiction to drink and later within those 19 years I also started using other substances such as cannabis, cocaine and prescription sleeping, anxiety, depression and pain medication. My life was spiralling out of control, my drug and alcohol use was effecting my relationships, housing, and work and even causing me to be arrested and brought to court on several occasions. Since I completed the course my life has gone from strength to strength, after twelve months of keeping in contact with my tutor and staff at Intuitive Thinking Skills I gained employment as a course co-ordinator myself. I have been teaching the course on the Wirral since August 2016 giving me the opportunity to help others in a similar situation in which they may believe they have no choice but to carry on with an addiction, I am proof this is not the case. I find great pleasure in my role and love constantly learning from the knowledgeable team at intuitive thinking skill




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