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Phil Reynolds - Regional Manager

I joined the company in 2012 as an apprentice tutor working across the Merseyside Area covering Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral after having sat the Intuitive Recovery Course in 2011 for my own Substance Misuse. Since joining the company I have worked in several areas across England and Wales delivering Intuitive Recovery, Exodus and Skills-Tu Employment. At present I am the Regional Manager for the Midlands Area working across Birmingham, Derbyshire and Wolverhampton and I am fully focused on developing these areas for our learners and partners. I feel I am a valued member of the Intuitive Thinking Skills team and I am excited to be part of the growth and ambition that Intuitive Thinking Skills has achieved since I joined the company and look forward to furthering my career here for many years to come.

Mark Spooner - Course Coordinator

Hi, my name is Mark. After spending 27 years using drugs and making bad choice after bad choice; multiple prison sentences; being sectioned twice under the Mental Health Act in 1995; and being entrenched in a ‘treatment system’ for over ten years; I decided I needed to do something different to change my life for the better. After detoxing and becoming abstinent in 2012 I found myself ‘stuck in recovery’. I felt limited and restricted and I seemed to just do meetings, drink coffee, and lots of voluntary work. I knew there was more to life than this but only discovered real freedom and confidence in myself and my own choices when I sat the Intuitive Recovery course. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to teach others. I love my role as course co-ordinator in the Midlands area and the difference that the course I teach is making to countless lives

Matthew Sutherland - Course Coordinator

I joined Intuitive Thinking Skills in July 2015 as a Course Co-Ordinator after completing the Intuitive Recovery Course in January 2015 for my own substance misuse. I had put off sitting the course as I didn’t believe a four day course could do anything for me that I didn’t already know but my keyworker kept on offering me the opportunity and eventually I decided to give it a go. I was so surprised at the impact the course had on my thinking and attitude towards my drug use and life in general, the education and skills I learnt on the course had such a profound impact on me being able to make substantial positive choices in my life.

David Cresswell - Course Coordinator

I had been using from an early age for many different reasons. After I had sat the Intuitive Recovery course I understood that all these reasons were just excuses to justify my future use. I did not expect that anything would help me stop using and initially went on the course to prove that 12 hours over four days would not make any difference to me after 26 years using. How wrong I was. After lesson one my life was changed and I started to make better choices for myself. In all honesty my life is still improving through the better choices I am making because I am in control! One of the many choices I have made since the course was to become a tutor for Intuitive Thinking Skills a role which I thoroughly enjoy. The role enables me to use my own past experiences as examples when I am teaching which in turn helps me to identify with the learners. My feet still have not touched the ground and the company is helping me to develop in ways.Knowledge truly is power.




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