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Rebecca Westall - Course Coordinator

After years of battling with myself over my addiction, I sat Intuitive Recovery. I think that I was mistakenly looking for a magic solution to my frustration and unhappiness. What I found was basic education which answered my questions and made me realise that I had the solution all along. It was a “light-bulb” moment for me when I saw how I could empower myself, never use again and be happy. I wanted to help give people access to this amazing intervention. I am now an Intuitive Recovery Course Co-ordinator and I deliver the course all over Devon and parts of Cornwall. I love my work and really enjoy working alongside everyone in the company.

Rita Coppillie - Course Coordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course in 2014 after struggling with alcohol addiction. It changed everything for me and it’s brilliant to now be teaching the course myself. I work across the South-West delivering Intuitive Recovery and will soon be delivering the Skills-Tu-Employment course as well, which is another exciting development. It’s fantastic to see learners leave their addictions behind and go on to live independent lives.




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