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Thinking Comm-Unity ™

Thinking Comm-Unity™ is an educational course aimed at improving any individual’s knowledge, sense of belonging and understanding of their community. By recognising and valuing each person’s skills and abilities, we will demonstrate how these can be coordinated to give people the power and responsibility for their future.”

The course helps to identify how attitude, knowledge, skills and abilities can affect not only your life but the lives of those around you as well. By examining different types of communities we will gain an understanding of the importance of diversity. Through community focused personal development we will achieve our goals whilst overcoming challenges and helping to improve the lives and wellbeing of others.

The range of informal community support services offered across the country is enormous, often hidden and certainly undervalued. They respond to a huge variety of needs including care and support (for example befriending), to important and practical solutions that help in times of crisis (for example food banks).

There can be a lack of knowledge or awareness about what opportunities exist and how people can access or support these services and this can prevent people using them in a truly effective way. The wide range of opportunities available will help you to achieve your goals and improve your environment.

These different services allow more people to remain independent within their communities and to add value, education and employment prospects to the lives of all. During the course we look at the role these services play in helping you and the quality they add to the lives of others.


Phone 0800 069 9198 to find out more.

The Thinking Comm-Unity course is delivered within partnerships across the country so get in touch to see if there is a classroom near you.

You may be interested in commissioning the course, or just have a general enquiry. We are always delighted to take your call.

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LH – Sussex: "In the past there hasn’t been any support after detox, this is different with Project Exodus, this is the most support I’ve had during any treatment I have been in, in the past. I’ve enjoyed the course, its helped me understand how addiction works, by identifying AD I feel more in control I now know I have a choice where as in the past I felt I had none. I thought of my addiction as being all powerful and I was helpless now that’s been reserved and I have all the tools to beat it."




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