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“This Ends Here”®

“With a wealth of personal experience of abuse, our “this ends here” tutors bring a unique blend of challenge with plenty of appropriate judgement, enabling the abuser to understand and fully take responsibility for their behaviour and actions.”

What’s involved?

“This Ends Here” – Six half day sessions (18 Hours)

“This End’s Here” Extended Course – Assessment plus ten half day sessions (31 hours)

“this ends here” ™ is an accredited educational programme that promotes SIMPLE and PRACTICAL tools as a means to end the use of abusive and coercive behaviour within families and relationships. The course, delivered over a minimum of eight, three hour sessions, provides the learner with a structured understanding of what drives their behaviours and actions, their feelings and insecurities, along with credible and highly specific skills to CHANGE these behaviours and actions.

It is these SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS that enable the learner to recognise the consequences of their CONDUCT, therefore encouraging full responsibility for their own CHOICES whilst also removing fear of change. The final part of the course is the development of a personalised and meaningful plan of change, including specific actions to be taken, embedded and reviewed. The course can be delivered in both COMMUNITY and CUSTODIAL settings with delivery typically offered across five consecutive days although it can be facilitated weekly, during evenings or weekends to ensure accessibility.

Hard hitting, thorough and yet pertinent to the problem in hand, “this ends here” is highly cost effective and boasts commencement and completion rates of well over 75%, with cessation of abuse rates of over 80% of those who completed.

Understanding how corrupt and unacceptable beliefs are formed and embedded is critical to exposing the fallacy of those beliefs. Once a person understands why they have behaved in a certain why, changing the outlook for future behaviour is easy to do.

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