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Matthew Wilson - Regional Manager

Matt first joined Intuitive Thinking Skills back in 2011 after sitting the Intuitive Recovery course. Matt’s first role with the company was a Course Co-Ordinators position and he delivered classes across Merseyside. Over the last couple of years Intuitive has seen steady growthwith new products and ideas such as Skills-Tu Employment being developed. Matt now oversees our work in Wales, ensuring courses delivered through drug services, work programme partners and the criminal justice system are properly delivered and coordinated.

Christopher Kelly - Course Coordinator

Chris has been a course co-ordinator for the company for the past six years and has worked across the North West of England and North Wales, during his time in Wales he enjoyed great success and helped develop the growth of Intuitive Recovery from a small pilot scheme to a recognised service that works across Wales with many different agencies from drug treatment, criminal justice and work programme. Chris currently lives in Liverpool with his expanding family and is now working in Blackpool delivering the whole range of ground-breaking products the company has to offer.

Hayley McNeil - Course Coordinator

I joined Intuitive Thinking Skills in 2013, after sitting the course myself for various addictions. I am now the Course Coordinator in our Oldham and Wigan partnership, delivering the Intuitive Recovery course and enabling our learners through education to exit treatment successfully.

Phil Reynolds - Regional Manager

I joined the company in 2012 as an apprentice tutor working across the Merseyside Area covering Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral after having sat the Intuitive Recovery Course in 2011 for my own Substance Misuse. Since joining the company I have worked in several areas across England and Wales delivering Intuitive Recovery, Exodus and Skills-Tu Employment. At present I am the Regional Manager for the Midlands Area working across Birmingham, Derbyshire and Wolverhampton and I am fully focused on developing these areas for our learners and partners. I feel I am a valued member of the Intuitive Thinking Skills team and I am excited to be part of the growth and ambition that Intuitive Thinking Skills has achieved since I joined the company and look forward to furthering my career here for many years to come.

George Thornton - Course Coordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course in December 2011 for a ten year cocaine addiction. After completing the course I applied to become an Intuitive Recovery course co-ordinator and joined the company in August 2012. After completing my training to deliver the course I began working in HMP Altcourse and HMP Liverpool. I consider my role to be highly varied, working in a number of settings which include prisons, drug services, and probation as well as bail hostels. I find great pleasure in my role and the challenges it brings.

Ilya Kennard - Course Coordinator

Ilya sat the course in Haringey in 2010 after having spent many years using substances, going through the system, attending many different recovery methods, in and out of rehab and detox and in her own words, ‘I could stop using any time I liked, it was staying stopped that I had the issue with. I had been told that I had the disease of addiction over and over though this didn’t sit right with me, was told I was intellectualising everything and until I accepted that I was sick that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t understand why I was repeatedly taking drugs that were literally killing me; my using tore my family apart. When my then key worker referred me on to the Intuitive Recovery course I begrudgingly went along.Intuitive Recovery has been a life saver and am grateful for having been given the opportunity to work with the organisation, having delivered all of the Intuitive Thinking Skills courses across England.’

Rebecca Westall - Course Coordinator

After years of battling with myself over my addiction, I sat Intuitive Recovery. I think that I was mistakenly looking for a magic solution to my frustration and unhappiness. What I found was basic education which answered my questions and made me realise that I had the solution all along. It was a “light-bulb” moment for me when I saw how I could empower myself, never use again and be happy. I wanted to help give people access to this amazing intervention. I am now an Intuitive Recovery Course Co-ordinator and I deliver the course all over Devon and parts of Cornwall. I love my work and really enjoy working alongside everyone in the company.

Phil Clarke - Course Coordinator

Phil started working with Intuitive Recovery in 2012 after spending 12 years of his life in and out of drug services. His illicit drug use lead to involvement with the criminal justice system and repeated spells in custody which all ended when he made the decision to stop using. Phil is now the lead course co-ordinator for North Wales and is responsible for the scheduling and delivery of all Intuitive Recovery courses across the 6 counties. As a valued member of the his local community, Phil brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to others.

Mark Spooner - Course Coordinator

Hi, my name is Mark. After spending 27 years using drugs and making bad choice after bad choice; multiple prison sentences; being sectioned twice under the Mental Health Act in 1995; and being entrenched in a ‘treatment system’ for over ten years; I decided I needed to do something different to change my life for the better. After detoxing and becoming abstinent in 2012 I found myself ‘stuck in recovery’. I felt limited and restricted and I seemed to just do meetings, drink coffee, and lots of voluntary work. I knew there was more to life than this but only discovered real freedom and confidence in myself and my own choices when I sat the Intuitive Recovery course. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to teach others. I love my role as course co-ordinator in the Midlands area and the difference that the course I teach is making to countless lives

Rita Coppillie - Course Coordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course in 2014 after struggling with alcohol addiction. It changed everything for me and it’s brilliant to now be teaching the course myself. I work across the South-West delivering Intuitive Recovery and will soon be delivering the Skills-Tu-Employment course as well, which is another exciting development. It’s fantastic to see learners leave their addictions behind and go on to live independent lives.

Matthew Sutherland - Course Coordinator

I joined Intuitive Thinking Skills in July 2015 as a Course Co-Ordinator after completing the Intuitive Recovery Course in January 2015 for my own substance misuse. I had put off sitting the course as I didn’t believe a four day course could do anything for me that I didn’t already know but my keyworker kept on offering me the opportunity and eventually I decided to give it a go. I was so surprised at the impact the course had on my thinking and attitude towards my drug use and life in general, the education and skills I learnt on the course had such a profound impact on me being able to make substantial positive choices in my life.

Christopher Morris - Course Coordinator

I sat the course in August 2015 for a 19 year addiction to drink and later within those 19 years I also started using other substances such as cannabis, cocaine and prescription sleeping, anxiety, depression and pain medication. My life was spiralling out of control, my drug and alcohol use was effecting my relationships, housing, and work and even causing me to be arrested and brought to court on several occasions. Since I completed the course my life has gone from strength to strength, after twelve months of keeping in contact with my tutor and staff at Intuitive Thinking Skills I gained employment as a course co-ordinator myself. I have been teaching the course on the Wirral since August 2016 giving me the opportunity to help others in a similar situation in which they may believe they have no choice but to carry on with an addiction, I am proof this is not the case. I find great pleasure in my role and love constantly learning from the knowledgeable team at intuitive thinking skill

Kerry Cooper - Course Coordinator

I sat the Intuitive Recovery course after being in addiction and unemployed for 18 years and feeling like my life was spiralling out of control. Using the skills I learnt and realising that I had a choice to stop, I put an end to my addiction of alcohol and cocaine for good. The Intuitive Recovery course changed my whole attitude and outlook on life and having taken back control of my life and being employed as a course co-ordinator for Intuitive Thinking Skills I am looking forward to a positive future and to teaching other people that they too can take control of their lives.

Rosemary Baxter - Course Coordinator

I first engaged with Intuitive Thinking Skills by sitting the Intuitive Recovery course for my substance misuse problems in summer 2015. From this I learnt that I didn’t have to live day by day and that I could actually plan for my long term future with the confidence of being abstinent. I then went on to complete the Skills Tu Employment course and it gave me such a lift and through this new confidence I was able to start seeking employment. I learnt that ultimately I am responsibility for my own life and the choices I make which led to me believe in myself more. I gained so much by sitting the two courses that it made me want to be able to help and inspire people who have experienced similar challenges in life so I pursued the opportunity to become an Intuitive Thinking Skills Course Co-Ordinator, successfully gaining employment in the role in late 2016. I already feel a valued part of the team and I am excited to be part of such an innovative and ambitious company.

Craig Foster - Course Coordinator

I first became aware of Intuitive Thinking Skills when I was volunteering at a local service in Chesterfield. I knew the Intuitive Recovery course helped people with substance misuse and I had recently ended my own problem with prescribed medication by challenging my own thinking about the problem. I had heard great things about the Intuitive Recovery course and asked about sitting the course, as the course progressed I realised that the skills learnt on the course were the same ones I had already used to end my own problem through my own intuitive thinking. I then went on to complete the Skills-Tu Employment course and found it really made an impact on challenged my thinking about being on benefits. I decided I would seek full time employment and enquired about possible opportunities with Intuitive Thinking Skills going on to secure employment as a Course Co-Ordinator in late 2016.

Camille Wood - Course Coordinator

After 17 years of addiction to multiple substances, primarily heroin and crack cocaine, I discovered Intuitive Recovery in March 2016 whilst recovering from a heroin overdose and subsequent coma that had left me temporarily paralysed. After learning the skills and being given the tools to slay my addiction, I got back on my feet, both mentally and physically. In January 2017, I joined the team as a course coordinator/tutor, and am now responsible for Portsmouth and East Sussex. I loved my job right from the start, my favourite part of which is meeting my learners and helping them to uncover the powerful people that they are and always have been. The rewards of this job are huge, and I look forward to a long and productive journey with the company.

Emma Klein - Course Coordinator

Before I came across Intuitive Recovery, my life was going downhill 100 miles per hour and I tried pretty much everything that was available to me in order to overcome my addiction. Nothing seemed to work long term, I still felt stuck, imprisoned by my beliefs that I could not cope with life without using. Since I sat Intuitive Recovery my life had completely changed. With this new understanding and through practicing the skills, I was empowered to put an end to something I started and experience freedom from my addiction for life. I then sat the Skills Tu Employment course and through challenging my self-limiting beliefs, I started taking small steps every day towards achieving my goals. Within 3 months of sitting the course as a learner, I accomplished my goal of working as a course coordinator. These courses have been life changing for me and I cherish every moment I'm teaching them because it is extremely rewarding to see people becoming the best versions of themselves.




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