Skills-Tu Employment

An accredited employability programme that is filled with solid, practical skills to help you back into work, developing a meaningful career plan

Often the objections that people find difficult to overcome are:

  • Previous convictions
  • Fear of being worse off
  • Substance misuse problem
  • A long time out of work
  • Lack of experience
  • Perceived disabilities

In truth, we know the workplace is full of people with experiences similar to yours who have gone on to become successful in their jobs and also climbed their career ladder. So… why were they successful?

On the course, you will learn about:

Teaching you how to write or adjust your CV to fit the employer’s needs. Understanding an employer’s needs and what makes them tick. Being concise and stimulating interest.

Getting across a good attitude to work and demonstrating you are worth the investment.

Even negative past experiences are valuable for employers since they demonstrate an attitude for change.

Why job seek when a confident outlook will mean you stop seeking and start getting!

Knowing how to impress in your first month at work. How do you deal with feeling awkward?

Being open to change and transferring and reapplying your skills.

It’s not just about keeping your job, it’s about learning new skills and promotion. Satisfying your drive to achieve more, gaining experience, or reaching higher gives people a sense of satisfaction.

NOCN Level 1 Award in Preparing for Learning, Employment, And Career Progression – 16 hours guided learning

For this qualification the learner will:

  • Understand how to address personal challenges when looking for progression opportunities
  • Understand how own abilities relate to a potential learning progression and career opportunity
  • Know about applying for employment
  • Know about interview skills and procedures
  • Know how to plan for transition to the next stage of learning or work

"Skills-Tu Employment was a real turning point in my life. The course changed my whole outlook regarding job searching and revived my enthusiasm through fresh ideas. I learnt how to talk to potential employers with new confidence. I also learnt some invaluable skills on the course which I still use in day to day life. Without this course I would never have found a job, it’s the best thing I've ever done. It allowed me to take responsibility for all my actions and more importantly my success”.

Learner Quote

We are commissioned in many local authority areas in the UK, where the course will be free, or alternatively, you can pay directly and enjoy the benefits of a 1 to 1 delivery with our specialist Tutors.