Digital Distance Learning

Beautifully crafted, multimedia, distanced learning content available 24/7 helping people access support that enhances personal development and behaviour change

ITS have invested heavily in our Distance Learning Model, ensuring the services are available to as wide a range of people as possible, and accessible through a range of delivery models, be they telephone, virtual group or 1 to 1 classrooms, or 100% digital remote learning.

All our accredited learning is available through an agreed model of delivery, ensuring that even those with no appropriate access to broadband services can still enjoy the benefits of remote learning.

Every learner is assigned a trained Course Tutor who will guide them through the required learning process, agreeing support sessions as needed and appropriate to the learner.

Many of our leaners tell us how much they love the digital standalone courses and the freedom it provides them to learn at their own pace and convenience, but that they would like additional, tailored support to personalise it to them. To this end, we offer a range of support packages whereby their dedicated Course Tutor will arrange additional digital or telephone sessions to fully impact the learning.

We are able to offer all our courses via virtual classrooms utilising Microsoft Teams, either as a 1 to 1 service or with multiple users. This highly interactive service means that we can engage with people regardless of location and provide them with exactly the same level of Tutor support that they would enjoy in a real classroom.

We already have our Intuitive Recovery course available for learners to complete entirely without Tutor support. Beautifully crafted, our learning materials and platform provide an exciting and engaging way to learn, including interactive gamification to really test a learner’s progress. We are in the process of getting all accredited courses available for standalone learning, which will become available throughout 2021.

For those with no access to digital, we ensure that all necessary training materials are posted to their address, including simple instructions of completion and return of the necessary evidencing of learning. Where we see people with literacy or linguistic barriers, we are able to complete evidencing documents ourselves on their behalf, meaning that anyone can access our service. Sessions are offered between the working hours of 8am through to 10pm, as agreed directly with the learner.

Learners can access our courses and services either privately or through our local partnership commissions where they exist.
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