A Fresh Approach

A practical approach to making that final and lasting decision to stop smoking easier, rationally based, and permanent giving you the freedom to move on

A practical approach to stopping without endlessly putting off smoking for one more day… “one last cig”. There’s lots of support and advice you can get for stopping smoking, and rather than replace or compete with them we simply offer educational thinking skills to make that final and lasting decision easier, rational, and permanent.

A Fresh Approach isn’t about scaring or embarrassing people into stopping, it’s about empowering the decision to stop, giving you the freedom to look back at addiction and laugh.

No more “white-knuckling”, counting days or feeling like you are missing out.

The course tackles issues such as:

It is a lack of will power, an uncontrollable urge, a coping strategy or a way to deal with stress? We use education as a powerful tool to dismiss the endless myths that support the idea that there is no point stopping because you will only end up starting again. These are simply not true. You can do it, in fact, people stop all the time!

Do you just stop, once and for all, or try a multitude of nicotine replacement patches, chewing gums, tablets, or distractions rather than seeing nicotine for what it is?

Is it an illness that requires a cure or has marketing convinced you that it is hard to stop, no one stops permanently, you can only ever hope for short periods of abstinence. Freedom from nicotine is only a decision away.

The course is delivered over one or two, three hour sessions alongside a workbook that covers all learning and a diary to chart the mind-set change. The tools we deliver can be applied to other problems and other health plans.

The course is for anybody, although our early demand has been from schools looking to help young people live healthier lives. However, nobody is too old or too young to improve their health and anybody can stop smoking, either with or without help.

This can be delivered in schools, workplaces, prisons, or at our head office.

At Intuitive Thinking Skills, we believe in your ability to make strong decisions that improve your health and the quality of your life.