Accredited Peer-Mentoring Training

An accredited lived-experience training course providing people with the knowledge and support to give back to their peers and communities

We acknowledge the power of lived experience as a driver for positive change in attitudes, culture and improving quality of services. People with lived experience have the potential, once provided with training and support, to facilitate impactful early engagement solutions, as well as supporting the achievement of positive outcomes for others accessing services.

Our Accredited Peer-Mentoring Training provides a route for people with Lived Experience to give something back, supporting individuals and their communities. Our Accredited Peer-Mentoring Training offers the perfect solution for training and supporting individuals who have positively exited services with developing the skills, knowledge and qualifications required to use their unique perspectives and insights to co-design service improvements, as well as, being positive role models and inspiring other individuals to overcome their personal barriers and to become independent from endless support.

The Accredited Peer-Mentoring Training will deliver:

Mapping of community local resources and support organisations.

Building relationships and mutual signposting referral pathways with local organisations.

Engaging with the hardest to reach individuals in the places that they are.

Integration with Statutory Support Services.

Facilitating Service User involvement co-production and harnessing Service User voice.

Utilising lived experience to support others on their journey through Support Services.

We are able to incorporate our peer mentoring training into a fully managed service that offers organisations a solution that harnesses lived experience as a mechanism for early engagement of individuals who traditionally avoid accessing support services as well as a mechanism for additional support to empower “revolving door clients” to swiftly progress through and ultimately positively exit services.

Our ambassador service delivers a package of training which includes:

NOCN Level 1 Introductory Award in Delivering Information, Advice or Guidance to Service Users


NCON Level 2 Award in McKenzie Friends*

along with

  • Level 3 Education and Training
  • Level 1 Safeguarding Training
  • Enhanced DBS Check

Our Ambassador Service Manager will coordinate and manage a team of Ambassadors across your organisation as well as linking the community to the services through community mapping outreach exercises.

*This is the only accredited Mckenzie Friends qualification in the UK