Enough’s Enough

An accredited programme that delivers skills and support for survivors, victims or those affected by Domestic Abuse, helping them live lives free from abuse and able to recover their independence

What’s involved?

“Enough’s Enough™” is an accredited educational programme that promotes simple and practical tools as a means to allow people who have been abused within a domestic relationship to move on and build new relationships and careers free from fear, guilt, and misplaced dependence.

Drawing heavily on our 10 years of experience of dealing with addictions to substances, we recognise that dependence is the defining problem, be that on substances, abusive relationships, benefits, etc. The “Enough’s Enough” course recognises that people who have been abused hold a range of beliefs and feelings that keep them caged and tied to the abuser, leaving them unable to break free and reluctant to embrace change.

The course, delivered over a minimum of six, three-hour sessions, provides the learner with a structured understanding of what drives their partners (ex or current) behaviour and actions, their feelings and insecurities, along with credible and highly specific skills to challenge their own beliefs and insecurities.

It is these skills, knowledge, and tools that enable the learner to recognise the consequences of their abuser’s conduct, thereby empowering their own choices whilst also removing the fear of change.

The final part of the course is the development of a personalised and meaningful development plan, including actions to be taken, embedded and reviewed.


Over the course, you will learn:

To understand all forms of abusive behaviour, including but not limited to, psychological, physical, sexual, financial, and emotional abuse with both controlling or coercive elements and to recognise the impact of these.

Learn and understand how repetitive behaviour and language towards you, allows you to form insecurities and negative beliefs about yourself through instilled fear.

Understand why you feel love for a person who is abusing you and why the fear of leaving is greater than the fear of the abuse continuing.

Implement skills to recognise conditioned thoughts, language, and behaviour whilst allowing yourself to implement rational thinking to build a new belief system.

Understand the rights you have and also what responsibilities you have within a relationship. Recognise the many different relationships you hold in life and recognise the positive attributes you have within these.

Develop skills into self-reflection in order to plan effectively for the future.

Develop skills to plan for your future free from abuse and encourage self-development.

NOCN Level 1 Award in Understanding Domestic Abuse

For this qualification the learner will:

  • Understand the definition of domestic abuse
  • Identify issues or problems that they experience within their own relationships
  • Understand why a person may have conflicting thoughts about a relationship
  • Identify the impact of abusive language on an individual’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and reactions
  • Recognise words and phrases that people use to justify or condone abuse
  • Learn critical thinking skills that can be used to challenge their thoughts and feelings about themselves, coercive behaviours and controlling behaviours
  • Demonstrate that they can change their beliefs about themselves, others and other situations

"I’m stronger now, I have more confidence since Enough’s Enough. If it were to happen again I would walk away, I know that now. I was completely caught up in him and nothing else mattered. Now I see much clearer, I use the skills I learnt and I will not be walked over again. I now know it’s not my fault. I feel so much stronger, I am ready to go back to work and become financially independent again, It feels really good."

Learner Quote

We are commissioned in many local authority areas in the UK, where the course will be free, or alternatively, you can pay directly and enjoy the benefits of a 1 to 1 delivery with our specialist Tutors.