Our Organisation

Our aim is to provide credible skills which enable people to become truly independent.

Intuitive Thinking Skills has over 15 years experience of delivering cutting edge education that empowers people to take independent action through self-determination on issues that affect us all. We have become a model of excellence in peer led education that lends itself to partnership models committed to progressive and joined up working.

We “empower people through education to take back control of their lives”, using our unique approach to developing knowledge and thinking tools. We see people’s lived experience as an asset, a place where people draw experience, knowledge, strength and skills and properly redirected become highly resourceful problem solving tools.

We are able to work effectively across sectors including criminal justice, drugs and alcohol, employment, domestic abuse and homelessness through our educational approach to:

This means skilling people to adapt to life-changing situations including hardship, adversity, abuse, threats or stresses such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems, financial or work related challenges.

As much as resilience involves “bouncing back stronger” from difficult experiences, it can also be accompanied with huge personal development.

This doesn’t have to be tentative, short term or one day at a time abstinence. We believe in everybody’s right and ability to leave services, able to stand on their own feet, free from addictive substances and unhealthy lifestyles permanently.

True independence is knowing you have the tools and knowhow to say No! Wherever you are, no matter who you are with.  Labelling people as addicts and alcoholics is counterproductive and only reinforces a sense of hopelessness.

Our reputation in the employment sector is huge. We have gained this from our skill of being able to build relationships through lived experience and challenge people to get the most out of themselves.

Our employment coaches bring a wealth of lived-experience and knowledge of how to overcome barriers such as long term unemployment, mental health, disabilities, debts, substance use or criminal records.

Our unique approach to rehabilitation embraces the key principles of desistance. Our “been there, got the T-shirt” mentoring and programme delivery ensures we are able to build effective relationships and identify the causes of crime. We give people tools to rebuild their lives, fully committed to a future whereby they are valued as socially and economically active citizens.

Rehabilitation begins when people take full responsibility for their actions. Our tutors and mentors use their lived- experience to break down attitudinal barriers, building skills that achieve lasting and transformative behavior change.

We have been delivering highly acclaimed, accredited and bespoke programmes within Domestic abuse, anger management and gang involvement for a number of years helping people develop social and thinking skills ensuring they are able to build healthy personal and social relationships.

Our short duration, skills based approach takes a holistic approach that can engage families or individuals towards an agreed resolution. We embed critical thinking skills throughout our work, thereby promoting personal responsibility and effective decision making, working closely with partner agencies ensuring safeguarding and other mandatory requirements are met.