Why it Works

We deliver evidence based outcomes, with monthly, quarterly and annual reports across our work using qualitative and quantitive information management to continually improve our services

ITS have been operating for over 15 years and have built up an impressive evidence base across a range of sectors, delivering meaningful outcomes for learners. We see in the region of 4000 learners per year and enjoy a completion rate of 86%.

We collect meaningful outcome measurements across our contracts, matched to partnership KPI’s wherever possible. As such, our outcome measurements are diverse as they reflect the diverse nature of our contracts.

Some examples of Outcomes measured are:

  1. Successful completion of partnership journeys
  2. Cessation of drug/alcohol use
  3. Cessation of criminal activity
  4. Cessation of Domestic Abuse incidents
  5. Work commencement and sustainments
  6. Changes to Outcome Stars
  7. Improved family functioning
  8. Improved engagement with partnership models

Specific Annual Impact reports are available across all our contracts upon request.


We work closely with our partners and commissioners to develop industry specific and bespoke reporting services for each contract we deliver, which are designed to keep commissioners and partners informed of the output measures (numbers attending and completing), as well as the more nuanced outcome measures specific to the sector.

We have invested heavily in our bespoke reporting system, which can be tailored to report and measure on a wide range of criteria as required by each contract.

Examples of these reports are available upon request.