Mentoring Into Work

1:1 Mentoring Support to help you update your job searching and interviewing skills whilst managing the stress of being unemployed

Becoming unemployed can be a worrying and daunting prospect, especially if you haven’t been out of work before, or the industry you are accustomed to is no longer a viable option. Mentoring Into Work Sessions are designed to help you with perfecting and updating your job searching skills, while also supporting you with managing the associated stress of sudden unemployment, increasing confidence, building resilience, and addressing your barriers.

Our Mentors are invested in helping you to secure employment and getting back on track. As well as being qualified (minimum Level 3 EAT), all Mentors have lived experience and have “been there and got the T-Shirt”. Mentors understand how you feel because they have been unemployed and faced similar situations themselves. They want to listen to you and help you address any problems or difficulties you may have with finding and securing employment. They respect your lived experience and won’t patronise you, and will make mentoring sessions productive and enjoyable.

Mentoring Sessions take place using Zoom and are on a 1:1 basis. You will always receive a telephone call from your Mentor before your sessions start to introduce themselves and put you at ease about meeting them virtually. Mentors can also help with downloading the software or app for the device you are using to join the session. The sessions last for up to 1 hour and guided by you. Mentors will support you where you feel you have skills gaps, as well as being an ear to listen, bounce ideas off and gain an alternative perspective.

Mentoring sessions will help you with:

  • Updating your job searching knowledge and techniques
  • Creating sector-specific CV’s
  • Creating job-specific Covering Letters
  • Completing application forms
  • Transferring skills and experience to new industries
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Meeting Employer expectations
  • How to use Job Search websites correctly
  • How to research and access the hidden jobs market
  • Improving localised labour market knowledge
  • How to use Linkedin and other Social Media platforms to find opportunities
  • Interview Techniques
  • Exploring self-employment
  • Better off Calculations
  • Budgeting finances
  • Planning and creating an effective job search routine
  • Develop confidence and resilience
  • Feeling calmer about the situation and reduce anxiety
  • Feeling like you are progressing and addressing challenges before they arise
  • Accessing specialised local support to address specific barriers

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Intuitive Thinking Skills, for the support, guidance and help that I received in our sessions together. You got me looking in directions that I hadn't thought of in the past, regarding the kind of work that I am skilled to do, so, for these and all the encouragement, I am truly grateful."

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