Skills-Tu Life ®

An accredited well-being programme that takes a holistic approach to developing resilience, independent action and self-determination

Skills-Tu Life reflects latest thinking, encouraging ambition and belief in an individuals’ ability to overcome their problems.

We embed Resilience skills throughout the course, giving you the knowledge and tools to tackle feelings of helplessness and instead empowering you to feel a sense of personal responsibility, take positive action to make the changes you want, and most importantly change your perception of you. What you believe about yourself really matters.

We deliver our course either in a live classroom or via digital multimedia depending on our commission. Everybody who completes will receive a nationally recognised qualification with lots of practical and transferable skills. We treat everybody with respect and believe in your ability to solve your own problems using your skills and the tools we bring.

The course is designed to educate, build resilience, and help people overcome perceived barriers to better wellbeing. The course gives learners skills that they use themselves to overcome their challenges such as self-esteem, low confidence, anxiety, depression, long term unemployment, family breakdowns, substance use, gambling or poor health due to lifestyle choices.

We don’t do therapy, our approach is to empower people through education to make the changes they want. We give people the awareness, cognitive skills, and simple, rational approaches to help them plan their lives more effectively. We dispel myths and the endless labels that people become attached to. True happiness and a sense of wellbeing come from the belief that you are in control of your life and are capable of overcoming difficulties.

No, you’re not, you can improve your lifestyle and health anytime. We don’t believe in leaving anyone behind and that everybody has something to offer. It is never too early and definitely never too late to make positive lifestyle changes. Continuing to believe “you can’t be helped” just keeps you in the problem. The best thing about this course is learning to see yourself again as a valued, skilled human being not just an endless list of labels and diagnoses.

NOCN Level 1 Award in Building Personal Resilience – 18 guided learning hours

Units delivered:

  • Developing Personal Awareness of Own Needs and the Factors that Contribute to a Fulfilled Life
  • Developing Life Skills to Build Personal Resilience
  • Developing a Personal Resilience Plan

NOCN Level 1 Award in Developing Critical Thinking Skills to Enhance Personal Decision Making – 14 guided learning hours

Units delivered

  • Critical Thinking Skills to Enhance Personal Decision Making

No matter who you are and what problems you face, you will have skills and emotional intelligence to deal with some of life’s biggest challenges.

Our passion is to harness and redirect those skills, helping people improve the quality of their lives, with skills that are easy to transfer. Critical thinking skills and SMART planning are embedded throughout the course and learners receive a nationally recognised certificate. A warm welcome, assessment, reviews, updates, and three-way handover are standard practice for working with referring partners. This course is ideal for people who are long term unemployed, leaving care, ex-armed forces, lone parents, engaged in mental health services, or generally seeking a better life.