Intuitive Recovery

An accredited abstinence programme that delivers simple and practical tools that you can use anywhere to be free from drugs, alcohol, and gambling

This is an accredited abstinence program that simply gives you the tools to say NO to drinks, drugs, or gambling, happily and with confidence.

Imagine being able to say, with meaning and clarity, that YOU WILL NEVER USE AGAIN!! We focus the skills exactly where they are required; at the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that support further use now or in the future.

Intuitive Recovery remains the premier peer-led abstinence program in the UK. Our course tutors have been there, got the T-Shirt, and are happily abstinent, enjoying life substance-free.

The course is either delivered in a classroom or via digital multimedia e-learning which can be completed as distanced learning depending on the local commissioning. Each learner will receive a nationally recognised qualification. It is not counselling, so we will not be delving into your past or personal life. The course is focused on the “here and now” and the plan of “how to say no forever”. If you are going through a detox program, this course can run alongside to help you make a final and lasting decision.

It really is! Rather than spending all your time endlessly searching for “triggers”, “past events” and avoiding people and places, you will learn that overcoming addiction is just about having the right tools. Once you are armed with the right skills and knowledge you will be able to say NO wherever you are. Surely that is easier than spending the rest of your life either in groups or avoiding situations.

It certainly is not, there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. We will empower you with scientific knowledge and thinking tools to explain why people continue to drink, use drugs, or gamble despite the consequences and their own better judgement. The answer is simple and rational giving you the tools to have control over your own life.

Knowledge is power and everybody can benefit from education. The skills you learn can easily be transferred into other areas of your life. What you do with the knowledge and tools are up to you. Remember we’ve been there ourselves. All our tutors for the Intuitive Recovery course have lived experience of substance use and more importantly how to stop “once and for all”.

We’ve been there and got the T-shirt. No mumbo jumbo, it’s educational and easy to understand.

You don’t have to be “in recovery” forever. We believe that you alone have the power to overcome your addiction.

You don’t have to disclose unfortunate, painful, sensitive, or irrelevant past issues to overcome your present problems (these things don’t have to be connected).

You don’t have to consider yourself sick or diseased to overcome your problem. We believe in the power of choice, not will power. Our approach is entirely logical and backed up by science.

We believe labels like addict and alcoholic are useless and only hold back on your progress.

So, come and join the thousands of people who have used our programme to finally break the chains of their substance use, made a plan to NEVER USE AGAIN, and have gone on to achieve great things in their lives.

NOCN Level 1 Award in Addictive Desire Recognition – 8 guided learning hours.

For this qualification the learner will:

  • Understand the concepts of addiction
  • Understand the tools available to support recovery
  • Know the importance of planning future behaviour

We are commissioned in many local authority areas in the UK, where the course will be free.
Or alternatively, you can pay directly and enjoy the benefits of a 1 to 1 delivery with our specialist Tutors Click here to get in touch.

To complete our stand-alone digital course click here to register or discover more about our online learning platform here. 

“Our aspiration for all our learners is that you achieve true independence from addiction. We recognise that you don’t want to spend a lifetime “in recovery” but would rather have the tools to stand alone, happily embracing life. Furthermore, moving on and away from treatment is essential if you are to escape the lifestyle of endless support”

Peter Bentley, Founder Intuitive Thinking Skills