This is an international standard of employment support that accompanies a person’s journey through Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, or Criminal justice services

The Individual Placement Service is a tailored employment service designed to support you throughout your treatment journey, giving you an Employment Specialist Mentor to walk you through the entire process, including more support once you are in work.

Our IPS services are tailored around your needs and aligned to other services you are working with.

Whether you are working through a Drug and Alcohol service or on licence conditions through the National Probation Service, our IPS specialists align job getting with your other obligations.


Thinking about employment while in treatment can feel daunting and seem overwhelming.  Our Employment Specialist Mentors are there to support you every step of the way.

Qualified to minimum Level 3 EAT with lived experience, our Employment Specialist Mentors have lived experience and suitably placed to support with embedding Employment as part of your treatment journey.  Offering a seamless service that is in-line with other aspects of your treatment.  They are skilled to put you at ease, inspire ambition and help you to achieve your employment and career goals.

You will meet with your Employment Specialist Mentor on a regular basis.  Your initial sessions will focus on exploring your skills, experience, barriers and needs, co-producing an action plan to ensure the service remains focussed around you and what you want to achieve.

Our Employment Specialist Mentor’s focus is to help you find employment that YOU want to do and will never push you towards a job or work you want to avoid.

They can speak to employers on your behalf, source vacancies and opportunities to gain experience, while supporting you to meet employer’s expectations.

Not only will we work closely with you to support you into work, we will continue to support you once in work to ensure things are going well.

Our IPS service will help you with:

  1. Finding and getting the job you want
  2. Interviews and application forms
  3. Understanding what Employers need
  4. Understanding how to sell yourself
  5. Getting over your worries about working
  6. Planning your career
  7. Back to work benefit calculations and ensuring that work pays

"Everyone has been very supportive and non-judgemental. I have been made to feel normal and not judged for my nerves and anxieties and past mistakes. Meeting my advisor regularly and talking to him and the skills and guidance of my advisor for the computer side of things has been very beneficial."

- IPS Participant

Interested? If you are in one of our commissioned areas this service will be free so just phone our IPS team on 0161 223 1094 for more details.