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Lianne Wood - Course Coordinator

I joined in 2012 on an apprenticeship, thrilled to be a part of the company who’s course had truly changed my life. I’m now the Course Coordinator within our Oldham partnership, delivering the Intuitive Recovery course, the Exodus Project and Skills Tu Employment. I now also have the role of Internal Training Lead to ensure quality in our classrooms so that our learners get the best possible experience with us. I love my role and really enjoy being a part of our wonderful team.

Christopher Kelly - Course Coordinator

Chris has been a course co-ordinator for the company for the past six years and has worked across the North West of England and North Wales, during his time in Wales he enjoyed great success and helped develop the growth of Intuitive Recovery from a small pilot scheme to a recognised service that works across Wales with many different agencies from drug treatment, criminal justice and work programme. Chris currently lives in Liverpool with his expanding family and is now working in Blackpool delivering the whole range of ground-breaking products the company has to offer.

Hayley McNeil - Course Coordinator

I joined Intuitive Thinking Skills in 2013, after sitting the course myself for various addictions. I am now the Course Coordinator in our Oldham and Wigan partnership, delivering the Intuitive Recovery course and enabling our learners through education to exit treatment successfully.

Laura Harpur - Course Coordinator

I attended the Intuitive Recovery course in 2013 to address my alcohol and cocaine addictions. Since taking control back over my life I now work for the company full time. I have the privilege of facilitating the courses throughout the Liverpool area. My role is to ensure I effectively communicate with service managers and staff to promote referrals for the courses. I deliver the courses throughout our partner agencies to gain effective outcomes and to give learners the knowledge so that they can take control and move on further with their lives.




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