Bespoke Structured Mentoring

We are able to tailor mentoring sessions to be relatable to various different cohorts, to address a myriad of different needs.

Structured 1:1 Mentoring gives us the opportunity to provide tailored and bespoke support and to meet individual needs via remote distanced delivery.  In comparison to group course delivery, 1:1 Structured Mentoring offers a truly person centred approach to support and enables more in-depth dialogue and deeper impact.

We are able to tailor mentoring sessions to be relatable to various different cohorts, to address a myriad of different needs.  Examples of Structured Mentoring Services we currently deliver are:

We operate a large, highly flexible service delivering distanced mentoring skills, focussed on getting people unemployed back into the workplace swiftly.

Our 30 strong team of Employment Specialists are skilled at supporting people from assessment onwards, developing practical career plans, employment goals, and support with CV writing, job seeking and getting, interview skills, and researching the hidden job market.

Most notably, we train all our Employment Mentors to also be skilled in delivering critical thinking and resilience skills, meaning that the participants of our programmes start to see themselves as assets and are able to analyse their considerable life skills and present them in positive ways to prospective employers.

The service is available across the UK and is delivered via Zoom/Teams and telephone, with the bulk of the provision delivered as one-to-one sessions.

Typically, participants will be offered up to 10 x 1-hour sessions over a period of a month.

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We operate a highly successful service delivering distanced mentoring for self-employed people, supporting to re-evaluate, expand or transition their business, becoming more resilient to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and restrictions put in place.

Specialised Mentors are skilled to support self-employed business owners to be motivated, optimistic and practical in the re-evaluation of their business and trade, while also enabling customers to focus on adapting to recent changes in society and address their anxieties. Offering an alternative prospective and conducting a SWOT analysis as a foundation to building a Business Continuity plan.

This customer centred service enables self-employed people to focus on improving future business prospects, empowering them to unlock their potential and realising specialisms of their business/trade that are potentially relevant to alternative customer groups, other businesses and consumers.

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We deliver structured mentoring for Young People linked to Alternative Education Authorities to support with pastoral care and addressing attitudinal behavioural factors that affect Young People’s mental health, ability to engage with mainstream education or increasing risk of becoming involved in crime.

Our Mentors utilise their lived experience to engage with Young People, developing cognitive skills and educating them to be personally responsible for their health, behaviour and decisions, ultimately improving their engagement with education and steering away from risky behaviour.

We work with Young People who are categorised as SEND, Looked After, and those with PEP plans and liaise with all parties involved in the Young Person’s care (including social services, schools, parents and carers) to ensure the mentoring sessions complement the overall support package and is focussed to achieve specific desired outcomes.

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We deliver structured mentoring for individuals involved with the Criminal Justice System, supporting with rehabilitation and resettlement in the community for up to 12 months.

Beginning in custody and moving through the gate, specialist Mentors use their lived experience to engage with participants, developing practical skills supporting to meet obligations to all authorities they are involved with.

Mentoring is integrated into the participant’s resettlement plan, working closely and liaising with NPS, DWP, and NHS and focusses on supporting the participant to develop skills that support desistance and move closer to employment goals.

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