Digital Training Solutions for SME’s

We provide partners with a hosted, fully supported, professional digital service for their workforce and/or customers.

Digital Support for smaller organisations

We understand how difficult and expensive it can be for smaller organisations to develop their own digital services, but recent events with COVID have meant that this has never been more important.

ITS can provide our partners with a managed digital service, fully supported and maintained, which can deliver internal training to staff across their organisation or community partnership, ensuring that workforces receive both up to date and standardised training in Safeguarding, Boundaries, Incident Reporting, GDPR etc, and also external training requirements such as RESPECT accreditation or other national standards.

Our dynamic and interactive multimedia e-learning platform “The Think Tank” provides a branded Learner Management System at a fraction of the cost of investing in your own system and includes the support of our Training Teams to develop your courses yourself. You can have fully branded, digital learning services for your workforce and/or service users which provides a full suite of management information reports, ensuring you know who has done what, when they did it and how well they performed. Updates to training standards can be easily communicated, ensuring your staff ALWAYS have the latest information to help them in their work.

Interested and want to know more?

Get in touch with our Learning Development Team who can talk you through the options and discuss next steps.