Criminal Justice

Accredited, Peer-led behaviour change programmes and mentoring within criminal justice sectors, with an impressive pedigree in the delivery of desistance, Through The Gate, Custodial and Community contracts

We are established specialists in attitude and behaviour change and integrate into existing service interventions and delivery models to improve outcomes in early engagement, reduction in crime and reoffending, reduction in alcohol and substance misuse.

Despite underinvestment from CRC’s, and transformational changes to probation services, we continue to design innovative programmes, interventions and services that speak directly to the evolving needs of people going through the criminal justice system.

With over 15 years’ experience working in Criminal Justice, we have an impressive track record of improving engagement and behavioural change outcomes delivering Through The Gate, Custodial, and Community provisions.

Since 2006 we have worked closely with the Ministry of Justice and the National Probation Service and have been an integral Partner involved with the progression of the Transforming Rehabilitation Agenda, enabling us to develop an in-depth understanding of the evolving needs of Offender, Partners, Stakeholders, and Commissioners.

Contracts we work on include HMPPS CFO3, PHE, and CRC as well as various direct contracts with both private and state prisons across the length and breadth of the country.

We educate learners through evidence-based learning that is underpinned by nationally accredited qualifications.


Intuitive Thinking Skills believe everyone has an inherent desire to live a happy and hopeful life, we anchor on this desire by utilizing lived experience to incentivise rehabilitation. Our peer-led approach supports desistance by building on inherent skills-sets to establish a pathway to education, improving health and wellbeing, re-establishing personal relationships, community integration, and improving employment prospects to leading law-abiding lives.

Our focus is not to deliver support, but rather to deliver meaningful and credible skills for our learners to utilise and embed in their lives.

Many of our staff have been offenders, who have turned their lives around using our skills, and now are powerful and credible ambassadors of rehabilitation. All our delivery staff are qualified tutors (minimum Education and Training Level 3), having also undertaken rigorous Safeguarding and in-house training. We have certified Prison Key Holders within our workforce, as well as staff experienced in specialised roles such as Domestic Abuse, Alcohol and Substance Misuse, Violent crime, Gangs, County Lines, and Knife Crime.

We are a specialist provider of attitude change programs within the Ingeus and Shaw Trust supply chains for the HMPPS and part-funded by the European Social Fund CFO3 program.

Under this contract, we deliver a range of our accredited EWoP and EoL courses, tailored to suit the needs of individual learners as they go through the CFO3 program.

We are able to be flexible in the design and implementation of our services to ensure they support the improvement and achievement of outcomes of our Partners, Commissioners, and most importantly meet the needs of the learners. Read more about our Bespoke and Tailored Services Here.