We have an impressive array of contracts within the welfare to work including IPS, mentoring and accredited programmes that turn job seekers into job getters, helping them overcome real and perceived barriers whilst changing attitudes

Our sterling reputation as Attitude and Behaviour Change Specialists has seen us become a valuable asset for our partners and commissioners to improve early engagement outcomes and supporting the hardest to help move closer to the labour market or into meaningful employment.

Intuitive Thinking Skills have been delivering nationally accredited provisions within the broad Welfare to Work agenda for over 15 years, working with people who are most distanced from the labour market.

Our most recent work includes specialist partner delivery on national programmes such as The Work and Health Programme, and JETS.  We are also working directly with Jobcentreplus at District levels across the country to deliver cohort specific specialist interventions, which includes delivering a Mentoring Into Work Service for newly unemployed and a Self-Employment Mentoring Support Service.

We Understand the Learners

The reasons behind why people become so distanced from the workplace are complex and differ from person to person and individual circumstances, but ultimately they all have one thing in common; they have thoughts and beliefs.

Part of working with difficult to move individuals in particular, is recognising the challenges that come with institutional dependence, involvement with mental health services, long-standing substance misuse problems, health inequalities, and/or lack of academic qualifications, and understanding the impact these challenges have on self-perception around securing and sustaining employment.

We Understand the Root Cause

We are different from other providers because we recognise the detrimental impact negative thoughts and thinking has on our ability to be resilient, build confidence, be optimistic, stay focused, and motivated to progress towards and achieve employment goals.

Our specialism is to build on inherent skills-sets and challenge beliefs, empowering people to become motivated to independently address their barriers and be accountable for holding higher expectations for themselves.

Negative self-talk only serves to restrict an individual’s ability to push out of their comfort zones, and breeds deep-seated lack of self-belief and hopelessness, viewing challenges as out of their control. Our approach is to tackle these challenges head-on by addressing the associated mid-set and ambivalence that hinders their beliefs and self-perception, through education and skills development.

Through simple brain science and practical tools, help learners to realise the origin of their self-talk and offer practical tools to recognise “IT” and reduce the impact on their decisions and behaviour, strengthening their ability to address their barriers and overcome challenges to live happy and hopeful lives, free from endless support.

Through peer-led delivery, our provisions quickly establish credibility within our classrooms and educate learners on how to implement practical tools that can be embedded to improve their outlook on entering employment, give them the ability to recognise they have the locus of control to sustain positive change.

We boast an impressive array of contracts with the DWP DPS system, Mentoring and IPS Fidelity compliant services within Tier Three Drug and Alcohol Services, local Drug and Alcohol Employment-Focused Services and Criminal Justice Community Provision.

The courses and services we offer speak directly to the needs of people who are distanced from the employment market place.

Our Distanced Learning Model means that we are able to engage with people in any geography, and we have a bank of over 40 Employment Specialists across the UK, delivering a mix of distanced and face to face services to an ever-growing referral pathway.

We have been commissioned by the DWP to deliver short structured mentoring job finding support for newly unemployed people.  Embedding our approach to developing resilience and challenging self-belief, we also support participants to enhance their job search skills.

Below are the outcomes achieved so far.

We are able to be flexible in the design and implementation of our services to ensure they support the improvement and achievement of outcomes of our Partners, Stakeholders, and Commissions, and most importantly meet the needs of the learners. Read more about our Bespoke and Tailored Services Here.