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Evidence based, accredited, peer-led programmes and mentoring nationally across the UK's Tier 3 Substance Misuse Services. These include abstinence, mentoring, mental health and welfare to work

Intuitive Thinking Skills’ flagship Intuitive Recovery course is peer-led designed Drug and Alcohol Their 3 Services and is widely recognised in the sector as a valuable early intervention tool, as well as an alternative approach to ending long term alcohol and substance misuse.

With an enviable reputation for delivering what we say, when we say it, our organisation has existing professional relationships with all the major Charities and NHS Trusts operating in the sector.

To date, we have graduated over 30,000 people through our programmes, with many going on to achieve their goals and forge new lives, free from addiction and gainfully employed, providing benefits for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Critically, when working in Tier 3 Drug and Alcohol Services we recognise the importance of engagement and partnerships with the wider community services, and we have many local relationships with JobCentre Plus, BBO employment programs, domestic abuse services and the like. This holistic approach means we are able to equip our learners to take positive advantage of services available to them.


Many of the courses we offer speak directly to the needs of people going through our drug and alcohol services, primarily addressing:

Our Substance Misuse services are also available on our Distanced Learning Platform – The Think Tank – where learners can take advantage of both independent and supported study, always overseen by an accredited, employed company learning Mentor.

Our skills-based approach to solving the issue of addiction, rather than medicalising the problem, results in the vast majority of our learners gaining independence from services, going on to enhance their communities and families with improved employment, CIC start-ups, and community-based group action.

Our focus is not to deliver support, but rather to deliver meaningful and credible skills for our learners to utilise and embed in their lives.

Many of our staff have been service users, who have turned their lives around using our skills, and now are powerful and credible ambassadors of independent recovery. All our delivery staff are qualified tutors (minimum Education and Training Level 3), having also undertaken rigorous Safeguarding and in-house training.

In addition, we have a thriving Facebook community with well over 2000 individuals providing independent, on-going support to their peers.

Derbyshire Drug and Alcohol Service Early Engagement Pilot 2019

The purpose was to evaluate the effectiveness of our Intuitive Recovery course as a brief early intervention for people accessing the service who were waiting for their initial Triage assessment.


We are able to be flexible in the design and implementation of our services to ensure they support the improvement and achievement of outcomes of our Partners, Commissioners, and most importantly meet the needs of the learners. Read more about our Bespoke and Tailored Services Here.