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Intuitive Recovery ™

“Our aspiration for all our learners is that you achieve true independence from addiction. We recognise that you don’t want to spend a lifetime “in recovery” but would rather have the tools to stand alone, happily embracing life. Furthermore, moving on and away from treatment is essential if you are to escape the lifestyle of endless support”

What’s involved?

Intuitive Recovery – Six half day sessions (18 Hours)

Intuitive Recovery Extended Course – Assessment plus ten half day sessions (31 hours)

What is Intuitive Recovery ™ ?

Intuitive Recovery is an accredited educational programme that promotes abstinence as achievable and easy to maintain. Delivered in either its short or extended format, it provides skills and tools to recognise and control addictive desires and to take responsibility for choices and behaviours.

Essentially, we see using as a choice, a learnt predictable response to previous using behaviour and as such it is a sign of health. The endless inner debate, the shall I sharn’t I, will I won’t I, can I can’t I, is merely the by-product of your previous use.

We call this inner debate “AMBIVALENCE” – two opposing opinions on the same subject. We recognise that you truly want the costs of your addiction to end, you’re tired of the deceptions, the lying, feeling as though you are carrying a weight which you can’t put down. You’re tired of the looks of disappointment from those you love, and from the knowledge that you should be doing so much better. But we also recognise that there is a part of you that has no intention of stopping, a part of you with endless excuses to use again, to pick up despite your best intentions.

Do you recognise yourself in our PUSHMI-PULLU ? Are you tired of arguing with yourself over whether you should stop, can stop or will stop?

Essentially, Intuitive Recovery delivers you the tools to shut up that other voice, and go onto making a simple but effective plan to NEVER USE AGAIN.


Interested? Phone us on 0800 069 9198 to see if there is a classroom near you. The vast majority of our courses are delivered free of charge to you, are easy to access and above all easy to understand and implement. Delivered by our army of Course Coordinators, all of whom have been through addiction services themselves, we have the tools you need to finally stop using, and for good.

Intuitive Recovery ™ is also available on-line. Just click on the link below, complete the registration form and enjoy the classroom learning from the comfort of your own home.

Need more information? Why not watch and read the testimonials below to find out how others have benefited from Intuitive Recovery ™.

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D.U - Hampshire: "I have really taken it on board and transposing. made me more aware. I have used the skills to get off my suboxone and now want to address the alcohol. I do go back and read my course book on a regular basis."

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