5 Ways we’re Saving the Environment

5 things we are doing to be environmentally friendly, reduce our carbon footprint, and be a truly sustainable company. 

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · March 29, 2022

To celebrate Earth Day on Friday 22nd April, we are highlighting all the ways we strive to be environmentally friendly and sustainable at Intuitive. Below are just 5 of the ways we are reducing our carbon footprint and becoming a truly sustainable company.

1. Electric and hybrid cars.

We have changed our fleet of company cars to electric or hybrid and we have installed two charging ports at our head office. So, where business milage is unavoidable, the impact of carbon emissions is still reduced. 

2. Virtual meetings and classrooms.

After covid restrictions eased, we found the value of virtual meetings and classrooms irreplaceable. We are continuing to utilise online conferencing software for meetings and course delivery where appropriate. Saving on travel means we’re reducing fuel consumption and travel time for our employees, as well as for our partners and service users.

3. Renewable energy.

The company supplying electricity to our head office uses renewable energy. So, every Zoom meeting, every coffee made, and every page printed isn’t contributing to climate change. All lights in our head office have been replaced with more energy efficient LED bulbs, and they are on motion sensors, so no unnecessary lights are left on. We are also in the process of installing solar panels in the head office, enabling us to power the whole office using only renewable energy. We also monitor all of our supply chains and ensure they utilise renewable energy.

4. Reducing Paper.

We operate paperless systems and have transitioned many of our processes to be digital, cutting down the use of paper. Where documents need to be printed, we purchase all paper and resources from sustainable and recyclable suppliers. We use a reputable paper recycling company to dispose of the paper we do use, reducing waste to landfill. 

5. Technology.

With our paperless systems in place, we are transitioning our technology to energy efficient models. We dispose of obsolete technology using a reputable IT recycling company.