Angus Knight Group Conference 2023

With over 350 people coming together from 4 different countries and 7 different companies, we had the amazing opportunity to network, share ideas and understand how all the different companies within the Angus Knight Group work towards contributing to the group’s goal: to empower the people and communities we work with every day.

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · September 28, 2023

The Angus Knight Group Conference 2023

On the 12th of September 2023, we had the pleasure of attending the Angus Knight Group (AKG) Conference at Coombe Abbey in Coventry. With 350 esteemed guests coming together, it was a brilliant opportunity to network and share new ideas with our sister companies Jobs 22, Learn Plus Us, Healthfind UK, Catch 22, Real Futures, and Jobfind.

Ayden Sims, CEO at AKG, hosted a company panel where the panellists and audience discussed the differences between the companies and how they can work together.

A huge thank you to all panellists for the insightful discussions; Peter Bentley, Managing Director at Intuitive Thinking Skills, Drew Smith, Director of Operations at Jobs 22, Ben Edgington, Business Intelligence at Jobs 22, Heidi Fish, Head of Operations at Healthfind, Debbie Gardiner, Managing Director at Learn Plus Us and Aralia Eriksson, CEO at Jobfind Sweden. After the AKG company panel, we had loads of fun doing a group activity using Boomwhackers!

To bring the AKG Conference to a nice end, there was an awards ceremony for all the hard-working individuals and teams who were being recognised for all their good work. A big congratulations to our Administration Team, IT Team and Stephen Farrelly for receiving a recognition award, well done!