CFO Donuts Debates and Discussions

Think Pieces

By Daniel Thomas · August 11, 2023

What is Donuts Debates and Discussions?

The CFO Donuts, Debates and Discussions group is a weekly group intervention which was started by Lucy Gunton, our Deputy Regional Manager, alongside Luke Bissel and Emma O’Kane in the Nottingham Shaw Trust Hub. The aim of the group is to bring the Participants together to encourage group discussions and working together as a team to problem solve and critically think.

Lucy said: “Whilst the discussion is taking place we are able to challenge any negative attitudes and behaviours using our life experience and mentoring skills. The engagement for this has been phenomenal and due to its success in Nottingham it is now being used as an intervention in all of the Hubs which we work in.”









“Really enjoyed the course, it was challenging in a positive way. I will be interested to continue the Intuitive pathway. Thank you. I have a better understanding of addiction now and have enjoyed engaging with the service. 10/10 all round.”

Images show ‘thank you’ cards and messages which Luke Bissell and Emma Small received when they ran the pilot Intuitive Recovery course in Derby City.

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