Child Safety Week

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · May 24, 2022

Whether it’s working with children directly through our young people work, or as “affected others” in our domestic abuse work, we regularly come into contact with children and ensuring their safety is paramount in everything we do.

We work under a whole family approach; meaning that we not only support the person accessing our services, but also take into consideration the impact on their whole family, giving guidance and support to those “affected others” as appropriate. In doing so, we focus on building strong family relationships that are essential to the well-being of safe, healthy, thriving children.

We uphold strong and strict safeguarding policies including:

  • All staff hold Level 1 in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults with annual refreshers.
  • Appropriate staff hold Level 3, 4 and 5 in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.
  • We adopt a safe approach to recruitment, which includes Enhanced DBS checks which are cross referenced with the Independent Safeguarding Authority.
  • Company safeguarding infrastructure involves a Designated Safeguarding Lead and a Safeguarding Lead Deputy.
  • Clear and concise processes in place for reporting safeguarding incidents and concerns.
  • 7 stage safeguarding investigation process, allowing an accessible and comprehensible procedure for all staff.

“As our Designated Safeguarding Lead, I strive to embed a safeguarding culture and for it to be everybody’s responsibility and everyone’s business to keep children safe within our work, their homes and their communities. Our Safeguarding practices are treated with paramount importance and we endeavour to give all children a voice. As recent campaigns have highlighted, “Every Child Matters” and that runs through us here at Intuitive Thinking Skills. Protection of our children, means protection of their opportunities, bringing better futures for all”.

Lianne Bentley

National Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Manager