Emma Small makes a Big difference

Think Pieces

By Phil Reynolds · December 19, 2023

We have recently been delivering commissioned work in collaboration with Ixion and HMPPS at Approved Premises (AP) venues in the West Midlands. Approved Premises, formerly known as probation or bail hostels, serve as residential units for ex-offenders in the community who are released from prison under specific licence conditions. During their stay at these premises, individuals are required to engage with probation services.

This type of transitional housing provides a structured environment for individuals reintegrating into the community, allowing them to fulfil their probation requirements while receiving support and supervision. It’s a crucial aspect of the criminal justice system that aims to facilitate the successful reintegration of ex-offenders into society.

Navigating challenges in course delivery at Approved Premises, especially when residents may have conflicting appointments and varying levels of motivation, can indeed be demanding. Patience and persistence are key when working with individuals who may be resistant to change. By understanding their unique circumstances and tailoring the approach accordingly, we know we contribute to a more successful learning experience for all residents.

Emma Small our Employment & Life Skills Co-Ordinator recently delivered an excellent course at one of the Approved Premises and we received some amazing feedback from one of the Probation Officers who had referred a number of her caseload onto the course.