From job seeking to job getting!

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · December 5, 2022

RF is a 54 year old male who was referred to ITS in July 2022 by his Restart Advisor. The advisor felt that RF would require some support in his job search and identifying roles within the hidden markets, some employability skills such as interview techniques as well as support with his lack of confidence which was due to him being made unemployed last November.

Our Employment Specialist interviewed RF to discuss the programme and complete an assessment with him. RF came across extremely nervous and anxious and seemed reluctant to attend the programme. RF explained that he had worked in Data Input / Analysis previously but did not think he could return to that sector due to his age despite his lengthy experience and skill sets. We identified how our programme could support RF with the issues he was raising such as anxiety, confidence, motivation and his age.

RF’s progress

When RF attended the first session he was very quiet and did not engage with the Mentor. We felt he was being dismissive of the support we were offering and focused on his attitude and beliefs. We introduced RF to the concept of ambivalence and the skill of Critical Thinking which allowed RF to question his beliefs objectively.

RF stated he would need support with developing a new CV as he had been using the one he had but he was not gaining interviews or getting responses. RF also said that the fact he had been made unemployed from his last job had made him de-motivated and felt that he would not be given a chance. RF also required some support with interview techniques, how to look for vacancies and how to complete online applications. We also helped RF to identify a number of training courses and qualifications that he could look at that might improve his knowledge and skills within the sector he would ideally like to work in.

Throughout the remaining sessions RF was gradually becoming more engaged and very responsive when asked direct questions and would also volunteer information and become highly involved in the discussions. RF also completed all of the tasks he was set with added support such as his SWOT analysis, setting realistic job goals and developing good answers to interview questions. RF also completed a new CV and developed a Cover Letter to improve his personal marketing. RF completed a LinkedIn account so he could network with local employers within his chosen sectors.

At the completion of the mentoring sessions we created and agreed on a SMART action plan and set a number of short term and long term goals. We agreed that the aim of gaining paid employment within Data Analysis / Business Administration/ IT was a realistic goal. We reviewed the SMART plan at length and also identified a number of opportunities through open market Job Search and started to complete applications.

RF’s overall confidence and motivation increased significantly and he started to gain a positive outlook on the prospect of gaining employment and became more focused on his job searching.

RF secured an interview for a vacancy as a Business Support Administrator in August. We utilised a follow on session to focus on interview skills and RF was successful in being offered the role in a full time capacity.

RF stated that he believes the programme has helped him to believe in his skills and abilities and has realised that he has the confidence to be successful and be able to sell himself at interviews.

“I was reluctant at first as I have been on many courses before and thought this would be the same as them but to my surprise it really helped me especially with acknowledging my skills and improving my self- belief. I feel more motivated and confident in everything that I do"