Kind Regards, Intuitive Thinking Skills

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By Phil Reynolds · March 27, 2024

Our Kind Regards programme has been instrumental in fostering positive changes within HMP Wandsworth since its inception in 2018. This accredited programme teaches people how to solve problems without aggressive or violent behaviour.

Kind Regards is designed to improve self-control through education and skills, helping people who have difficulty controlling emotional and physical responses to life’s challenges. The course was written following a request to us from the Head of Violence Reduction at the prison for support in reducing violence in the prison wings.

By addressing gang and postcode wars on the wings of the prison, the Kind Regards programme has not only contributed to restoring order and respect among prisoners but has also improved relationships between prisoners and prison officers.

The positive outcomes in terms of attitude and behaviour changes underscore the effectiveness of the programme in promoting a safer and more harmonious prison environment all around.

We have a remarkable success story that highlights the transformative impact of the Kind Regards programme. ITS have been able to recruit a former learner from HMP Wandsworth as a full-time paid Course Coordinator to deliver our Kind Regards courses in the community following his release. Have a read at his story below:

Kind Regards not only provides valuable employment opportunities but also demonstrates a powerful example of rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

This employee’s development from being a prison volunteer within the prison to securing full-time employment evidences the effectiveness of the programme in empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives, allowing them to contribute positively to their community.