La Boca to La Stocka

Earlier this month, five artists from Argentina’s La Boca district visited Stockport, working with the local community and fellow artists to transform one of the area’s forgotten back streets.

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · September 29, 2023

The Ambassador Programme was designed to help improve Stockport and the community spirit within it. Some of our Stockport Ambassadors have been helping the local art studio, GRIT, makeover a derelict street in Stockport under the Scheme La Boca to La Stocka, which took place between the 3rd and 12th of September. Artists from Argentina came over and worked with 12 local artists and 100 residents to turn a neglected and rundown street into a fabulous wall mural, which is now the biggest wall mural in the Northwest. They helped make mosaics and clay butterflies which have been displayed throughout the area and included in the artwork. This was a fantastic project which has not only brightened up the street but also brought the whole Stockport Community together. In an area where nobody knew each other this project has brought everyone together; friendships have been made for life and there is a real sense of pride within the area. They have also created a community garden and allotment for local residents to enjoy and be able to take fresh veg from.  

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