Prison Leavers Success Story

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · October 31, 2022

IW has a history of part time work roles before he received a custodial sentence. IW continued to gain various skills and work related experience during his sentence. He demonstrated an immediate enthusiastic approach towards the programme and engaged from the first call. IW clearly embraced the opportunity of help to gain employment as well as utilising the programme to improve his skills and techniques towards the challenges of resettlement after custody.

As the weeks progressed IW realised that he has many transferable skills which he can use to further his goal of gaining employment. The sessions also highlighted to IW the various resources available to him to support in job searching and exploring options for employment.

We continued to challenge IW’s Ambivalence towards his future and his beliefs regarding the challenges of having a criminal record. The understanding and practice of Critical Thinking was vital in IW looking at his beliefs objectively and without emotion. This gave IW a renewed confidence in his future and his ability to move on with his life and job search with more focus. As IW responded to the programme content he embedded some positive routines with online courses with Virtual College which would further increase his skillset.

IW worked on his CV and we discussed at length the importance of Personal Marketing and disclosure. He continued to use the internet to search alternative sites for employment and used planning skills to structure his daily routines to maximise his time towards finding a job.

As the course progressed IW began to believe that he has the skills and the abilities to succeed. He continued to challenge his own thoughts and feelings that have been holding him back and he was set further tasks to complete. IW applied for two jobs and produced job specific CV’s for each role. IW was able to use interview techniques and preparation skills he had learnt on the programme to plan for these opportunities. IW was successful at interview and secured employment.

IW will continue the positive routines established and feels he will continue to educate and grow to aspire to meet his dreams and thanked the ITS staff for setting him in the right direction.

"It’s been nice having someone that understands some of the problems ex-offenders have on release and the hurdles we have to try and jump through to get anything. Sometimes it's harder being out than it is being inside. The help I have got has helped me not get frustrated and tell everyone where to go which has ended up with me being recalled before. I would highly recommend the course."