Recovery Month: In Partnership with Change Grow Live Birmingham


By Basma Aboudihaj · September 23, 2021

"I have desperately wanted to improve my mental health and wellbeing for a very long time and have tried endless other options with no real change."

Service user from the Skills-Tu Life course

Every September, we celebrate Recovery Month, a month dedicated to promoting new and sustainable recovery practices and treatments for people that use our service. This year, the National Recovery Month theme, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.”

By strengthening our Throughcare provision, we have been able to work with Change Grow Live to ensure our clients get the highest quality in their recovery. Throughcare includes face-to-face and online courses around changing mindsets or behaviour, group support and developing life skills. At Change Grow Live and Intuitive Thinking Skills, we want to show our clients that they are not alone on their recovery journey and that there is a growing community that will guide them at every step.

Why is it important to raise awareness of recovery month?

“Change Grow Live know recovery is possible, because every day, we have the privilege of hearing from people who have achieved drug and alcohol-free lives which are full of hope and purpose.  Our team of volunteers who have lived experience of facing a drug or alcohol issue, are living proof of this.
We are all too aware that when people are alone in their addictions, without the right support and connections, their world can feel like a hopeless and lonely place.
That is why raising awareness of recovery is so important! By promoting positive stories of recovery, during recovery month, we will hopefully reach those people who are currently battling their challenges alone, an opportunity to see that with the right help and commitment from them, they can change their lives for the better.” – Lydia, Service Lead

"By raising awareness, we are sending a message to all areas of our community that there is help, that there’s hope, that people can raise their aspirations and that no one will ever be left behind. These messages will build on the principle that recovery is contagious. We truly believe in everybody’s ability to change; this is the Intuitive way."

Zack, Community Development Director

What does recovery look like at Intuitive Thinking Skills?

“Recovery is being able to function as a productive member of both your family and community. It is about being clear and identifying your barriers and having the skills to overcome them. It is about leaving behind unhappy memories, unwanted labels, and creating a positive lifestyle that the person is proud of.

As an organisation, we support that by giving people a second chance. We recruit, train, and employ people with lived experience who have repurposed their skills and use them to support their peers to achieve their independence. By giving people education, training, employment, and a voice, we are supporting thousands of people every year to turn recovery from a word into positive change for our learners and our communities.” – Zack, Community Development Director

How Intuitive Thinking Skills support clients at Change Grow Live

Intuitive Thinking Skills work with Change Grow Live to deliver our Intuitive Recovery and Skills-Tu Life courses across Birmingham.

Intuitive Recovery

Intuitive Recovery is a highly recognisable, respected, and accredited educational programme that promotes simple and practical abstinence-based tools as a means to achieve better health for individuals, families and communities.

Skills-Tu Life

Skills-Tu Life is an accredited course designed to change attitudes and behaviour towards managing health conditions (both mental and physical) and not allowing it to impinge on their ability to function and contribute positively to society and increase the quality of their life.

Here’s what one client had to say about the Skills-Tu Life course…

"This course has truly been everything and so much more than what I hoped it would be for myself and the amazing group of people who shared their journeys with me. I can honestly say this course this week has finally given me the freedom to allow myself to gradually work through negative past experiences… I am now open and empowered to live a fulfilled life and able to carve my new path."

Service User on the Skills-Tu Life course

Intuitive Thinking Skills also offer a prescription reduction service that helps to reduce the fear and anxiety around participants reducing their script and offers effective and usable tools for participants to deal with the uncomfortable feelings, urges, and cravings.

How Throughcare boosts recovery

Throughcare is available and open to anyone who registers with Change Grow Live.

"The Throughcare model was launched in Nov 2020, the model consists of traditional and non-traditional group sessions facilitated by internal and external partnerships to our all clients entering treatment with Change Grow Live.
The throughcare model provides visible support to clients, enabling them to build the tools they require to integrate back into their local communities.

The model is designed to provide a diverse range of options that are tailored to the client’s needs.

By supporting clients to address their root causes and building recovery capital and linking them back into their local communities, clients can move through and exit treatment, requiring less aftercare support and maintaining their recovery."

Bally, Team leader of Programmes and Hospital team

We want Throughcare to be part of a person’s recovery the moment they walk into the Change Grow Live hubs or a welcome group. We hope that Throughcare will provide the stability, peer motivation, and encourage our clients to reach their next milestone or complete treatment. Throughcare empowers people to take ownership of their recovery and feel in control when life might feel chaotic or unpredictable.

We want to thank our colleagues at Change Grow Live for helping us create a service that puts our clients first and champions recovery.

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