Intuitive Recovery – Stockport success story

Here is a success story from one of our Intuitive Recovery learners on how the course has made a difference in their life.

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · April 27, 2023

Over the years my drinking of alcohol gradually built up over time. I worked away from home a lot staying at hotels in the evenings and was drinking secretly but I would not drink at home as it caused a lot of problems for my wife and me. I’ve known that throughout the years I’ve had a problem with alcohol but not tackled it fully. I suffered from depression and used this as an excuse to drink, I now know that I caused
my depression through drinking alcohol.

Things reached a pinnacle last Christmas when my wife decided to separate from me due to the lies and deceit. Most of my problems have been associated with drink, such as my depression which as I said I now know that I caused, my emotional state and other behaviours. It massively impacted on my personal life being separated from my wife and kids. There have been financial implications from drinking, not just the cost of the alcohol, but also because of now being separated and having to live independently. My children have been impacted through not seeing me. I have also not worked now for six months, and this has impacted on my career. I have been in conflict not living up to my values through the lies and deceit. I’m also convinced it has had an adverse effect on my short-term memory and intelligence.

I became selfish and self-centred. I also had my driving licence revoked via the doctor although I can reapply for it in three months’ time. I found Intuitive Recovery to be one of the best groups I’ve been to. The tutor’s style of delivery was great. I liked the tools and the thinking. For me there were certain bits that really helped, for instance the I and the IT. The bit that struck a chord was that we’re not powerless and we are in control. It’s how it was put across that makes it so effective, respecting other people’s beliefs whilst at the same time offering alternative perspectives. Transposing – separating I and IT works very well for me. The exploring of language that we use on a day-to-day basis was also very powerful for me.

Since sitting the course, I have noticed that my physical and mental memory has improved. The selfishness is reducing. I am back to work next week. I’m dealing with the consequences of my drinking now and it is a challenge, but I know that things are improving for me. My self-awareness has also increased. Looking to the future I am grateful that I am starting work again soon and that it is something I can build on. I am confident that I will find somewhere independent to live. I will have my driving licence back and continue to rebuild my life. If I’d carried on drinking, I know that everything would have got much worse, I know that things are going to continue to be ok and I’m pleased that I’m not masking anything any longer. I have not drunk any alcohol since sitting the Intuitive Recovery course which has been brilliant.

I’m confident about my future even though I find some parts of my life still challenging, and I know that I will never drink alcohol again. Overall, it has been a very positive experience for me, thank you!