A few words on recovery from our Community Development Director Zack Haider

Think Pieces

By Basma Aboudihaj · January 9, 2023

“Recovery is being able to function as a productive and valued member of your family and community. It is about being able to identify the challenges you face in achieving what you want and having the tools and skills to overcome them. It is about leaving behind unhappy memories, unwanted labels, and creating a lifestyle that you can be proud of.

As an organisation, we support that by giving people a second chance. We recruit, train, and employ people with lived experience who have repurposed their skills and use them to support their peers to achieve true independence. By giving people education, training, employment, and a voice, we are supporting thousands of people every year to turn recovery from a word into meaningful and fulfilling change for our learners, their families and our communities.

By raising awareness, we are sending a message to all areas of our community that there is help, that there is hope, that people can raise their aspirations and that no one will ever be left behind. These messages will build on the principle that recovery is contagious. We truly believe in everybody’s ability to change; This is the Intuitive way.”

- Zack Haider, Community development Director